Game Day!!

I like to have lots of adventures in my life, and I knew that one of them would be football and basketball games when I decided to attend the University of Kansas. This was my first KU Football game and it was an adventure.

By the way, I’d been told that we were terrible and we’d lose every game. We won 34-28 so I consider that a serious accomplishment.

The energy in the stadium is absolutely unreal. A very pride-filled student section is something I’d been waiting for my entire life. My high school was never big on pride, only a select few were very into the sporting events that we had. Hearing the entire stadium sing the Alma Mater and wave the wheat when we gained points was amazing – it gave me chills. Also, getting dressed up in crimson and blue is always a fun time.

Here are some pictures I took:

Selfie before the game!

Selfie before the game!

Amazing Memorial Stadium

Amazing Memorial Stadium

Me and a friend at the game!

Me and a friend at the game!

Can’t wait for the next game and all of the future adventures they entail. Rock chalk!!


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