Getting a Tattoo?

So I’ve decided that I want to get a tattoo and thought that I’d make a post about it on my blog, since there hasn’t been much to write about travel-wise.

Ever since about two years ago, I knew I wanted to get a tattoo, I just didn’t know what I wanted to get. When I was younger I was never really into tattoos, but was curious. In fact, I never thought I would get one until I started thinking about it a little over two years ago. After some thinking, I decided that I wanted to get one, but the more daunting task was deciding what I wanted to get.

I went through A LOT of ideas. I started with the extremely overdone infinity sign and went on from there. For about 9 months, I thought I wanted to get “inspire” on my arm because it is my favorite word and a word that is important to my life. I thought it was a little too specific for my first tattoo, and now thinking about it, I don’t think I’d want it anyway. But this is what it looked like when I would draw it out everyday:

photo 2

I loved it so much at the time, and still like it, but don’t think I’d get it on my arm if I ever did get it. I’d probably get a quote about inspiring others instead.

I also wanted an arrow for a long time, and still may get that as well, but I think it’s a little too common now and want something unique.

So that brings us to my current tattoo idea and I’m around 90% sure of it. I want to get it on my birthday, which is in about two months, so that gives me enough time to become 100% about it.

It is the number “58” in Roman numerals, which looks like LVIII. It is for my grandmother, who died at age 58. I never met her, but I am told that I am exactly like her, and wanted to honor her in some way. I like to think that her spirit lived on in me and that she’s with me everyday. Also, the 3 I’s in the number represent my 3 other grandparents. The “V” represents my brother, since his middle name starts with a V (this is also the first initial of two of my grandparent’s names). The “L” represents my mother, since her name starts with an L. And I am getting it on my left arm because my father is left-handed. The tattoo represents family to me and to remind me where I come from. I chose Roman numerals because they are much prettier then English numbering and one side of my family is Italian, and that symbolizes that part of my heritage. I plan on getting it on the inner side of my wrist, and this placement doesn’t have much significance, I wanted to get it in a place that I’d see every day to remind myself of where I come from and who I have supporting me no matter what I choose to do with my life. I have always been part of a supportive family and am so lucky to have the opportunities and life that I have. Here is what the future tattoo (that I drew with henna and then had to draw over with sharpie to make it darker) looks like:


The only reason I am doubting this tattoo is because I worry that if by slight chance I decide to work in the corporate world, it would keep me from getting jobs. I have no intention to work in the corporate world at all, I hate absolutely everything about a cubicle and hope to never sit in one. I have very high expectations of myself and do not intend to have the average 9 to 5 job. I have yet to figure out what that is yet, maybe something with writing. I’ve always wanted to write a book or do some other work in writing. I guess that’s why I’m here, though. To fulfill my passion for writing and to find my inner voice.

So that’s all about my future tattoo, if you know of any great tattoo artists in the Lawrence area, or even Kansas City, make sure to comment below so I can check them out!


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