New Addition to My Bucket List?

As a lover of travel, I now follow many travel blogs written by young people like myself that let their wanderlust take the reins and travel the world. I find these people to be truly inspiring and through one of the bloggers, I found the newest addition to my 25 (now 26) before 25 Bucket List ( : Patagonia, a beautiful region in South America that is in Argentina and Chile.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

I am mesmerized by its beauty every time that I look at a picture. The unique mountains and overall landscape of the area draws me in and entices me to get on the first plane I can find to Buenos Aires. The area is rich in hiking and various other outdoor activities. Since it is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, making for a very interesting travel plan. As a student, most of my availability to travel would be in the summer, but that is Patagonia’s winter. Most travel sites recommend adventuring between October and May to miss a lot of the chill, but the region has things to offer for all seasons.

As a poor college student, the $5000 packages offered in the region for 6 days are not that enticing, and that doesn’t even include airfare (!). I am looking into various hostels offered in the area. They are far less expensive and allow you to spend more money on daily activities, which is a huge plus for me.


Courtesy of Google Images

The prices on airfare to Punta Arenas are about that to London, but some deals can be found! I was able to find round trip for less than $1000, but it has three stops. Not ideal, but so worth the $500+ saved.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

The region itself is very large, but I’m looking into Torres del Paine, in the southern area (not shown on this map). It’s a beautiful area that features mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in Chilean Patagonia. It is definitely the most visited area of the region, but definitely worth it.

Although I will not be heading to Patagonia any time soon, the hopes to travel here will always be with me. The astounding national park is for sure on my bucket list, and I hope it made it to yours. Until next time…


Post inspired by World of Wanderlust:


2 thoughts on “New Addition to My Bucket List?

  1. Patagonia is certainly an incredible dream of mine as well! Thanks for the information and I’ve been brainstorming how and when to get there too as a student, it’s not easy! Travel on 🙂


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