New Beginnings + 365 Day Writing Challenege

Long time no blog! I am terribly sorry for my absence, it has been quite the busy life here in Kansas, or as busy as possible. It’s no NYC…

Recently here at university, I have decided that I wish to change majors. Originally, my major was Environmental Studies, but as time went on I found myself rather disinterested in my courses and I feel like I need a change. I’ve decided that I want to change my major to Psychology and minor in Journalism. I really want to dive into writing, and since my university doesn’t have an actual bachelor’s degree in journalism, I’m thinking of majoring in Psychology instead. It’s all still up in the air, but I’d really like to do something in Journalism. I could always go to graduate school, but it was never something that was ever part of my plan. If it’s what I have to do, then I guess it’s what I’ll do. More details to come…

So because I want to major in Journalism, I decided to commit to a 365 day writing challenge to improve my writing skills. Whether or not I complete it depends on how much I dedicate myself to it, and I really want to finish it. I plan on leaving my journal out everyday to complete an entry. It is very important to me that I do this to improve my writing and to figure out how much I love writing about random topics.

So here’s the link to where I found the challenge:

And here is the first four weeks of topics:

Week I
001. New Beginnings
002. Cause/Effect
003. Peace of Mind
004. Childhood Memories
005. Speed
006. Mayhem
007. Gilding a Lily

Week II
008. First Romance
009. Orchards
010. Disillusionment
011. Guardian Angels
012. Different Ways of Thinking
013. Consequence
014. Gratitude

Week III
015. Explosion
016. Money
017. Traveling Alone
018. Irony
019. Lust
020. Identity Crisis
021. Being Replaced

Week IV
022. Jealousy
023. Insanity
024. A Snowy Day
025. Sculpture
026. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
027. Monsters Under the Bed
028. Disaster

Let me know if you end up participating in the 365 day writing challenge and I’ll be posting some of my entries when I feel that they are interesting for people to read!

Until next time…


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