Embracing Minimalism


I have always been a person that has excess. Whether it’s the little tchotchke or a Nars blush I always have too much. I spend my money on clothes, makeup, and other things that I don’t really need when I could be saving that money for travel expenses. I’m going to be spending the next few weeks embracing a more minimalist lifestyle in order to allow for my monetary savings to grow. There is something to be said about having little, and I think it’s a very beautiful lifestyle that I’d like to obtain.

How does this relate to travel? I’d like to think that having a minimalist lifestyle is one of the best foundations for having a life filled with travel. There is less stress about packing, storing, and the items you’re leaving behind.

I’m starting out with my closet because it’s one of the easiest, and hardest, places to start as a college girl. Before, my closet was pretty filled. We have rather small closets here at KU, but I managed to fit all of my jackets, jeans (on a 5 tier rack), skirts (on a 4 tier skirt hanger), tops, scarves, dresses, and jewelry. That ended up being about 70 hangers, with over 80 garments actually being hung up. I decided to cut this number in half.


The first thing I did was take out all of the clothing that wasn’t this season, which was almost half of the clothing being hung up. I stored all of it away underneath my bed and will most likely bring it home with me; I won’t need it until spring. I may also pack them into Space Bags to contain them in my room, as I may not be going home for spring break.

The next thing I did was take out the items I hadn’t worn in the past year or didn’t like anymore. Some of the pieces in my wardrobe had been there since seventh grade and could certainly be donated. I decided that if I didn’t reach for these pieces in the next 21 days, they’d be donated to a women’s shelter.

I then counted what I had left and saw that I only had 33-35 pieces in my closet currently, leaving room for me to pick up a few items for the next season.

I had 69 hangers in my closet before and now I only have 40. The other 29 are currently under my bed and are waiting to find a home. I may give some of them to a friend, or bring them back home with me and use them in my closet at home.

I also went through my shoe collection and am only putting out shoes that I know I’ll wear in the next month or two. Then they will all be switched out for my winter shoes. All the rest of my shoes are under my bed as well and will stay there unless I have to use them for some reason.


I also went through my bins/baskets and re-organized those as well. I have two bigger ones on the bottom of my shoe rack that hold all of my hair tools and the other holds my dishware, laundry supplies, and mini iron. I got these two bins from the container store a few years back and they have been one of the best additions to my home closet, as well as my dorm closet. Above my closet I have 3 bins that hold my Alpha Gamma Delta apparel, scarves and sweatshirts. Behind those I have my magic bullet set and another bin that holds purses and travel bags. These bins are from target and are used in the cube organization set that I have at home.


I am very pleased with my new closet and hope to continue to use 40 hangers or less in my future wardrobes.

My transition to a minimalist lifestyle was inspired by http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2013/05/24/40-hanger-closet/#_a5y_p=671895.


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