Long Time, No Post + Birthday Beginnings

Here I was, sitting on my computer wondering what to do, and then I realized that I have not posted on this blog in a few weeks! One of my biggest goals was to regularly post on this blog, but have found myself busier then usual and apologize for that. Not much has been happening on the traveling or planning front, so it may have been a good thing that I have not posted in a while.

With a week left until my 18th birthday, I’ve begun reflecting on the past year and seeing where my strengths and weaknesses have lied. Around my birthday every single year I always go through a change in mentality and end up doing a lot of things in the coming year I never would have done before, which makes this year even more exciting. No longer being considered a child is a major step in growing up and I don’t think I’ve really come to terms with it properly. Of course I’m excited to finally be an adult, but what comes with that? More responsibilities, but also, more things to look forward to and have the opportunity to do.

This past weekend I was also initiated into the Epsilon Beta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta and have never been happier. These two major life events are happening within the same week and I’m beginning to feel the beginning of a new chapter. I’ve gotten a nice taste of this new chapter within the past week and am very excited to begin.

In honor of this new beginning, I’ve decided to make a bucket list/things I’d like to work on list to help me get through the next year in the best way possible.

To-Do List for my 18th Year:

  1. Stop using social media as much and start reading more.
  2. Actually use the gym membership you have through your university.
  3. Enjoy the richness of my life and don’t waste time on things you don’t wish to be doing.
  4. Don’t put up with people who don’t deserve your friendship.
  5. Be picky with your purchases.
  6. Do as many exciting and spontaneous things as you possibly can-you’re only 18 once.
  7. Keep your possessions limited and live a minimalist lifestyle.
  8. Stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken.
  9. Write in a journal more.
  10. Keep up with this blog.

I plan on keeping my next year filled with blog posts, so get ready! Can’t wait to share all of my future experiences with you.


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