“What is the Meaning of Life?” + Other Casual Coffee Date Questions


Yesterday I completed my application to volunteer abroad for six weeks over the summer. And it was one of the biggest leaps I’ve taken in awhile.

After completing my application I began to truly imagine myself in a foreign country, knowing no one, and teaching English to people of all ages in a village; and I was immediately reminded of what the purpose of this blog is and what the goals of my life are.

It also lead to me thinking about the meaning of life – I know, something totally cliche to think about. I also watched The Giver yesterday so maybe that has something to do with this too.

Whenever I think about the meaning of life I always go back to the beginning of it, or the beginning of the universe. I begin to think of the possibility of multiverses and extraterrestrial life. I become filled with wonder and passion, thinking “I have to know the answer.” However, all of this wonder and passion gets morphed into sadness when I realize I’ll never know. In my lifetime humanity will never know the answers to these questions, and probably will never know the answers to these questions. And yet, we keep trying to uncover new planets and create new technologies to find our way there. That is the beauty of life though, we continue to live on and try to accomplish even if it is all for nothing. Our lives most likely have no meaning; we are all just evolving beings living on a ball of rock that revolves around a ball of fire.

So if we’re all just parts of Earth’s system, why is the state of the economy more important then the air we breathe? Why is it more important for a student to make good grades then learn important information and have a hunger for knowledge? Why is it more important to have a stable job, house, car, and successful family then it is to live a life of adventure, love, and happiness?

As a whole, humanity is failing at living. We all exist, yes, but are we really living? If there really is no point for our existence and we’re all going to die anyway, why aren’t you living the life you love? As much as you’re telling yourself right now, it’s not that easy, it is. It really is that easy.

My goal for the coming year is to start living a life I love. A life that isn’t revolved around materialism and what society tells me it should be. A life that is rich with joy, warmth, adventure, and love. And wish that for everyone else as well.


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