Week Planning 101

Week Planning 101 Main

As many readers can probably tell, my planner is my life. Everything important going on in my life gets carefully placed into my planner every week and if it doesn’t, odds are I won’t remember to get it done with the schedule I have. So this is how I plan out my weeks, and I will also be going over the daily planning routine I go through as well. This type of system can also apply to monthly planning, but I don’t tend to use my monthly planner as often so I don’t have a separate routine for that.

Weekly Planning:

Every Sunday night, I religiously open up my planner and plan out the coming week. I will go through my classes’ syllabi and see if I have anything important due or any tests I wasn’t aware of, my sorority’s calendar to mark important dates, my Facebook calendar for any important events, and my iPhone’s notes where I sometimes quickly jot down an important event I need to go to.

Then I will use my color-coding system to write out my classes for that week during their specific time slots, sorority obligations, other club obligations, and any other social obligations I have that week. Once that is completed, my week looks something like this:


As the week goes on, I will add in things using the specific color-coding system.

Daily Planning:

Daily Hand Shot

The daily planning process is a tad more tedious, but so worth it. Every night once my homework and studies are completed I take a pencil or black pen (whatever fits my mood at the time) and write in my schedule for the next day. This always includes the time I’m getting up, breakfast, when I need to leave, what I am doing in between classes, when I am getting my homework done etc. While this may seem to be a bit unnecessary, it is so incredibly helpful in getting stuff done. And once my days have finished being planned, they look like this:

Daily Shot

I hope this helps you get more organized! Remember: Consistency is key. In order to have a successful planning system, you have to be consistent.



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